Fajar Hidayah, Scraps and Display


In a lot of articles, it was mentioned about display, what is it actually?

Students and teachers in Fajar Hidayah has ways with scraps and anything secondhand, nothing they use are new. It can be said that they reuse anything secondhand to make something for the classes include the decorations in the classes and also outside of them or in other words it is called display.  The materials usually used to make this display include carton boxes, leftover plastic bottles and anything reusable. The display itself changes according to the need, the students and teachers will make the display according to the event theme, because Fajar Hidayah has many events the display changes accordingly, the sunda day theme display will be different from Singapore day theme display and vintage day theme display will be different than Slovakia theme display, etc. This activity also strengthen teamwork between students and also between students and teachers and it is a fun time for them because they can share their ideas and creativities on how to make the best display. The way they decorate or displaying their classes shows that teamwork and the personality of that class, no class has the same display as other classes. Every class has their own distinctive signature and style.


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